I’ve spent the past decade navigating the complicated, and often conflicting, world of food with IBS. I’ve honed my meal-prep and kitchen skills, I’ve learned to easily read food labels to decide what’s healthy and what isn’t, and I’ve figured out how to live a whole foods lifestyle in an easy and manageable way…and I love the way I feel! As an trail runner I need proper fuel for my active lifestyle and I’ve experienced a healthier shift in my relationship with food.

Everything I’ve learned in the past 10 years on my personal journey, in health coach training, and in graduate school has been neatly packaged up in this workshop series…applicable to all people, at any stage of their wellness journey.

Participants will lean how to eat healthier by shifting away from processed foods and toward more whole foods. This is not a complicated, restrictive, hard-to-follow “diet” plan but rather a do-able life-long strategy for greater health and wellbeing.

The benefits of a whole foods lifestyle are plentiful! There is scientific evidence (and lots of it) that suggest a healthy diet can greatly improve digestive issues, help slow the aging process, prevent and fight cancer, prevent and better manage chronic diseases, reduce pain and inflammation, and keep our joints, heart, brain, and eyes functioning at optimal performance so we can thrive!

What participants will learn…

  • Nutrition concepts such as insulin, inflammation, macros, and digestion

  • Phytonutrients and their health benefits

  • Deciphering nutrition facts and ingredient labels

  • Intro to the Traffic Light System

  • Pantry must-haves and simple food swaps

  • Healthier food swaps

  • Grocery shopping strategies and list-making tips

  • Meal-prep and menu-planning skill building

  • Intro to my signature Block Method of cooking

  • Healthy snack ideas

  • Navigating eating out

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