This workshop focuses on the topic of stress. Participants will learn stress reduction strategies but the primary focus is on resilience building through the 4-dimensions of health. We’ll explore each dimension of Whole Health (physical, relational, emotional, and intellectual) and how each relates to stress and our daily lives. Participants will acquire a variety of tools and strategies to begin to improve each dimension in order to create a life that thrives.

Discover more about the Whole Health Model here.

What participants will learn…

  • Take the Whole Health personal assessment

  • Learn the basics of stress: perception, body response, and health

  • Build their personal toolbox of effective stress reduction techniques

  • Explore each of the 4-dimensions of Whole Health and how they relate to stress

  • Acquire skills and strategies to improve the areas of Whole Health that need it most

  • Build resilience for the long term

  • Improve overall health and thrive!

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