What is health coaching?

Health Coach…sounds a little vague, right? That’s what I thought too…a few years ago I wasn’t sure what health coaches actually did and why they were needed. That is, until I was a couple semesters into grad school working on a master’s in Health and Wellness Management…I was knee-deep in journal articles about chronic diseases and all the scary statistics: 6 in 10 adults in the U.S have at least 1 chronic disease, chronic disease is the leading cause of death, 86% of our nation’s health care spending is on chronic disease. Shoot!

But get this, the top risk factors for getting a chronic disease are: poor diet, lack of exercise, tobacco use, and excessive alcohol. Notice something about that? Those are lifestyle factors…they’re changeable. Woot! On top of that, a major reason why people eat unhealthy, skip the gym, and drink too much is because of stress….which is another thing we have personal control of (to a large degree). But health care in this country is primarily focused on illness rather than wellness. This big huge gap is where I realized health coaches can play a key role. Health coaches can provide what most doctors don’t (not because doctors are missing the mark but because their training is focused on illness)….

Health coaches provide education, evidence-based behavior modification, inspiration, motivation, and guidance tailored to each individual client in order to reduce health risks and create a thriving lifestyle. We listen, we care about your needs, we’re passionate health and wellness experts with oodles of tools and strategies to share, and our primary goal is to see you succeed. You’re getting heart-centered, customized, preventive health care!

Side note: here’s what health coaching is not:

Health coaching does not diagnose, treat, prescribe, or advise and is not a substitute for professional medical care. Click here to read the full disclaimer.

What does a health coaching session look like?

So how does health coaching actually work? What will we do during a session? First we’ll figure out what motivates you, what brings you joy, what taps your energy, what your preferences are (for instance do you prefer daily nudges or are you more of a self-starter?). Then we’ll define your goal and create a step-by-step plan that we’ll do bit-by-bit each session.

Here’s an example: say your goal is to eat healthier. You know you should eat healthier, you feel better when you do, but it never really sticks so you thought you’d try health coaching. Your step-by-step plan that we’ll work on each session might include things like:

  • Learning some nutrition basics: how nutrients are used in the body; what things can mess up digestion; how much protein, fat, and carbs we need

  • Building skills: reading food labels, deciphering healthy ingredients from not-healthy ingredients, planning meals ahead of time in a non-time-consuming way, and/or improving cooking skills

  • Using a variety of tools to support your success: food journaling, meal-prep worksheet, food swap list, grocery shopping app, using the Traffic Light System

You’ll make progress each session until your new habit has been formed, you’ve mastered the necessary skills, and your confident, glowing, and loving your new lifestyle!

What wellness topics can health coaching address?

Health coaching can provide support for a number of wellness goals, but here just are a few…

  • Healthy eating

  • Reducing sugar intake

  • Managing chronic stress

  • Building resilience to stress

  • Creating a meditation or mindfulness practice

  • Healthy aging

  • Developing a strategy to stay healthy while traveling

  • Better managing work-life balance

  • Enhancing work, or athletic, performance by balancing the 5-dimensions of health

  • Planning for retirement: creating a healthy, quality lifestyle

  • Creating an exercise habit and working it into your busy schedule

My core beliefs:

  1. Self-care is essential, it is not a luxury. Taking time in your busy day to care for your health and wellness allows you to be even more productive so you can accomplish all you want and more. And you’ll be able to give the best of yourself to those around you!

  2. Health is more than what you eat and how you move. Optimum health includes emotional, intellectual, relational, occupational, and physical health. You will thrive when you nurture each dimension…just wait and see!

  3. Your body was designed to thrive. It is astounding what the body does for us in response to all the changing demands it experiences every second of the day. So give it all the healthy things it needs to thrive!

  4. Small steps + consistent action = big results Progress of any amount adds up if you just keep going. Do the work and before you know it you’ll achieve your wellness goal! I’m living proof.

  5. You are capable of amazing things! I believe each of us is capable of so much more than we believe. Even a so-called ordinary life can be extraordinary depending on how you live it…find your joy, live with passion, love with your whole heart, and care for yourself…and you will experience an amazing life.

There’s nothing as unstoppable as a freight train full of heck yeah!
— Jen Sincero, author, coach, badass

Next steps…

Step 1:

The first step is to book your free 30-minute Discovery Session either in my office or via Skype or Zoom.

Here’s what we’ll cover in a Discovery Session:

• Introductions and getting to know each other
• What health coaching is and how it works
• Reviewing your intake form
• Defining your personal goals and objectives
• Addressing concerns and questions
• Exploring the menu of topics and services
• Creating a game plan

When you leave the session you will have a clear vision of what your personal wellness goal is, how coaching fits into the mix, and how we’ll begin. This way you’ll be able to make a sound decision about committing to health coaching and investing in your wellness.

Step 2:

After your Discovery Session, and once you’ve decided to move forward with your wellness goal, you’ll choose a coaching package based on what works for you.

Coaching Packages:

  • Making Changes package: 4, 1-hour sessions $380

  • Establishing Habits package: 6, 1-hour sessions $570

  • Accomplishing Goals package: 8, 1-hour sessions $760

  • Lifestyle Revamp package: 12, 1-hour sessions $1,140

Coaching Package Includes:

• Customized and collaborative goal-setting
• Easy-to-follow action plan
• Tools and resources for success (materials, worksheets, strategies, etc.)
• In-office or online (Skype/Zoom) sessions
• Email or text check-in between sessions, as needed
• My support and investment in your personal success!