Whole Pantry

Level 1: Learning To Eat Healthier & Whole Foods Basics

This is a Level 1 healthy eating program, designed for busy people! Participants will lean how to eat healthier by shifting towards more whole foods. They’ll learn the basics and follow simple steps and strategies. This is not a complicated, restrictive, hard-to-follow diet. This is a do-able strategy for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

The Standard American Diet is characterized by refined grains, processed meat, and pre-packaged, high-sugar, high-sodium foods. But it’s often confusing to figure out what’s healthy and what isn’t, especially when food labels can be misleading. There’s a simple solution, eat real food. I can show you how to begin shifting to real food in a do-able way.

Including more whole foods, and less processed products, is a long-term strategy for greater health and wellbeing. Real food nutrition can help reduce bloating, headaches, achy joints, fatigue, after-lunch slump, brain fog, and indigestion. When you start making the shift you’ll feel more energized, healthy, nourished, and it will impact all areas of health and wellbeing.


In this workshop participants will learn:

• Nutrition 101: macros and digestion
• Deciphering nutrition facts and ingredients
• Intro to the Traffic Light System
• Grocery shopping strategies and list-making tips
• Pantry must-haves and simple food swaps
• Beginner meal-prep
• Navigating eating out


Whole Kitchen

Level 2: Creating A (Mostly) Whole Foods Lifestyle

Take healthy eating to the next level with a Level 2 healthy eating program! Create a mostly whole foods lifestyle by building on a Level 1 foundation. Gain more advanced knowledge, skills, and strategies for even greater health and wellbeing.

In this program participants will learn more advanced nutrition concepts to truly understand the importance of reducing (or eliminating) sugar and refined flour. They’ll learn all about phytonutrients and how to include them on a regular basis. I’ll also teach my personal cooking style, the Block Method…once participants learn it, they’ll be able to whip up delicious meals in a flash.

The benefits of a whole foods lifestyle are plentiful! There is scientific evidence (and lots of it) that suggest a healthy diet can help slow the aging process, prevent and fight cancer, prevent and better manage chronic diseases, reduce pain and inflammation, and keeps our joints, heart, brain, and eyes functioning at optimal performance so we can thrive.


In this workshop participants will learn:

• Nutrition concepts such as insulin, inflammation, and oxidation
• The benefits of phytonutrients.
• Advanced pantry must-haves and food swaps
• Advanced meal-prep skills
• Smoothie benefits and how-to’s
• Intro to my signature Block Method of cooking and free cookbook
• Dining out strategies



Reducing Stress & Building Resilience

This workshop focuses on the topic of stress. Participants will learn some stress reduction strategies but the primary focus is on resilience building through the 5 dimensions of health. We’ll explore each dimension of Whole Health (physical, relational, emotional, intellectual, and occupational) and how each relates to stress and our daily lives. Participants will acquire a variety of tools and strategies to begin to improve each dimension in order to create a life that thrives.

Discover more about the Whole Health Model here.

This workshop can be offered as a one-time lunch-n-learn style program or scaled up to a 6-part workshop series for a deeper dive into each dimension.


In this workshop participants will:

• Take the Whole Health personal assessment
• Learn the basics of stress: perception, body response, and health
• Build their personal toolbox of effective stress reduction techniques
• Explore each of the 5-dimensions of Whole Health and how they relate to each other and to stress
• Acquire skills and strategies to improve the areas of Whole Health that need it most
• Build resilience for the long term
• Improve overall health and thrive!


Fit & Joyful

Healthy Aging

This workshop is geared for participants who are in the second half of life (age 45+) but is appropriate for adults at any age. The sooner you promote healthy aging the better, but it’s never too late to start!

Participants will learn wellness strategies and healthy lifestyle habits through the 5 dimensions of health contained in the Whole Health Model in order to maintain an active and thriving life well into adult years.

There is significant evidence suggesting a lifestyle that includes good nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and a positive mindset can help slow the aging process and prevent cognitive decline. Optimizing health helps to prevent and better manage chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and depression; reduces pain and inflammation; and helps keep joints, heart, brain, and eyes healthy.

Dr. William Sears wrote the book Prime-Time Health which covers these topics in great detail…it’s a wonderful resource for adults in the second half of life who wish to remain active and thriving. I received my health coach certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute where my training focused on health and wellness for adults and seniors.

In this workshop participants will get to:

• Learn the basics of aging
• Discover how good nutrition can promote body and brain health
• Explore the 5-dimensions of Whole Health and how they relate to aging
• Take the Whole Health assessment
• Learn strategies to improve health and maintain quality of life long into adult years
• Feel empowered to create a fit and joyful life!


About the Workshops:

  • Workshops deliver interesting educational information combined with engaging activities in a positive and inviting environment.

  • In support of sustainable wellness habits, supplemental resources and materials will be provided to enhance the learning experience.

  • Each signature workshop is scaleable to suit the needs of your group. A lunch ‘n learn overview provides a way to spark interest in a particular wellness topic. And a multi-part workshop series allows participants to take a deeper dive into the information for a more comprehensive experience.

  • Participants will leave with renewed enthusiasm about their personal health and wellness, a firm understanding of the positive habits they wish to improve, and the resources to get started creating a life that thrives!

My Education:

  • Certified Health Coach, specialized in adults and seniors - Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

  • Certified in Stress Prevention - Wellness Council of America

  • Master of Science, Health and Wellness Management - University of Wisconsin - expected graduation date: Aug. 2019

Schedule a Workshop!

  • My office is located in Devens, MA I am available to facilitate workshops throughout New England.

  • If you would like to inquire about scheduling a workshop, please send an email to sarah@sarahwalkerwellness.com with the workshop(s) of interest, location, possible dates/timeframe, and estimated number of participants.

  • Fees are subject to the above information and can be discussed upon inquiry. I look forward to hearing from you!