20+ Unique Health-Inspired Gift Ideas (That People Will Love)!

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So, I talk about this a lot because I just love the concept…the Whole Health Model. Being healthy is more than nutrition and physical activity. It involves five aspects…. Physical Health + Emotional Health + Relational Health + Intellectual Health + Occupational Health (you can get more info on this here). If you optimize each aspect of health you’ll naturally build resilience and minimize stress!

With this in mind, I’ve listed my favorite health-related things according to the Whole Health Model. I actually own and/or have used all of these items…which is why (I think) they would make great gifts…but that’s just my opinion!

Hope find a few ideas for your gift-giving needs this year. Let me know what you think!

Gifts for Physical Health

  • Folding Travel Yoga Mat by Natural Fitness $29.99

    • What is it? A yoga mat that folds and you can travel with it (duh).

    • Pros? Folds flat and easily fits in luggage. Non-slip grip action.

    • Who would especially love it? Anyone who travels, runners who enter out-of-town races, yogis.

  • Subscription to Yogaglo $54 for 3 months

    • What is it? High-quality, on-demand yoga and meditation classes.

    • Pros? Awesome instructors from the world over, lots of filters (level, duration, style, focus, etc.) to easily find classes you want.

    • Who would especially love it? Yogis (obviously), athletes, anyone who’s talked about wanting to try yoga, busy people.

  • Immersion Blender by Cuisinart $61.85 -

    • What is it? A kitchen gadget for one-handed blending. Best to make creamy soups. It probably does other stuff but who cares? It purees soup!

    • Pros? Instead of sloshing scalding hot soup (in messy batches) into a blender to puree, this thing will buzz it up right there in the pot.

    • Who would especially love it? People who love soup, foodies, anyone who has a kitchen.

  • Insulated Travel Mug by Hydro Flask $15.94-54.99

    • What is it? The best thermal mug you’ll ever buy.

    • Pros? Keeps stuff hot for hours (I mean hours!).

    • Who would especially love it? Anyone who drinks hot coffee or tea.

  • Spices and Oils from Salt & Olive, gift sets start at $26.95

    • What is it? Assorted high-quality organic salts, oils, and herbs.

    • Pros? Local-to-me small biz (Cambridge, MA), gifts get wrapped up in simple, yet elegant gift packaging.

    • Who would especially love it? People who enjoy cooking.

  • Peppermint Foot Cream by PurePro $17.95 ….pair with a gift certificate to a local-to-you massage therapist for an extra special gift

    • What is it? Professional massage therapy lotion.

    • Pros? Another local-to-me small biz (Greenfield, MA), high-quality, lovely peppermint-citrus-herbal scent.

    • Who would especially love it? People who enjoy special TLC, people who are on their feet a lot for work.

  • Nano Spikes by Kahtoola $49.95

    • What is it? Traction for icy terrain.

    • Pros? Lightweight and fits over most footwear. Works brilliantly on icy roads/sidewalks to prevent slips and falls.

    • Who would especially love it? Dog owners, year-round runners, and most everyone else.

Gifts for Occupational Health

  • Smart Notebook by Rocketbook $29.49

    • What is it? A smart, reusable notebook (looks and feels like paper).

    • Pros? Upload your notes, lists, and doodles to a designated folder (compatible with MS OneNote and such) to keep notes organized and even shareable. Wipes clean for reuse.

    • Who would especially love it? People who need to get organized, office people, people who love meetings, anyone who participates in life.

  • High Performance Planner by Brendon Burchard, 1 planner (2 months of pages for a New Year jump-start) $22.49, or year-pack of 6 planners $59.36

    • What is it? A motivational, personal/professional-development planner/journal thing.

    • Pros? Contains thought-provoking questions, strategies, and task lists with plenty of space to write. Keeps you on track and motivated.

    • Who would especially love it? Entrepreneurs, goal-oriented types, anyone working on or starting a project.

  • Start With Why by Simon Sinek $11.69

    • What is it? A professional-development book…here’s a TedTalk where Simon concisely describes his “why” strategy.

    • Pros? Describes a simple, yet profound, concept “people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it” and includes plenty of examples from familiar businesses. Will change the way you think about how you work, your intentions, and how you frame your business/company/work.

    • Who would especially love it? Anyone who manages/leads a team, business owners, entrepreneurs.

Gifts for Emotional Health

  • Spontaneous Happiness by Dr. Andrew Weil $14.39

    • What is it? A book by Harvard grad MD and pioneer of integrative health, Dr. Weil.

    • Pros? Contains fascinating research and cultural observations about the various theories of happiness. Includes simple tips and strategies to increase your own happiness.

    • Who would especially love it? People who are into health and wellness, personal-development, cultural anthropology, sociology, psychology, emotional health.

  • Tribe by Sebastian Junger $12.09

    • What is it? Another book! (books are awesome, a person can never have too many)

    • Pros? Written by a brilliant war reporter, Sebastian discusses the community and tribal connections across a variety of cultures and societies. He ties it back to the lost connections of modern society particularly with the struggles that veterans have reintegrating back into civilian life. It inspires hope and teaches us how to create deeper connections.

    • Who would especially love it? Really anyone with a heartbeat.

  • Inspiration Sandwich by SARK

    • What is it? A really sweet, fun, happy book with hand lettering and drawings and doodles by SARK (a delightful lady….give her a Google to learn about her).

    • Pros? Fun, amusing, playful, and cheerful thoughts, musings, and stories. It’s just pure love!

    • Who would especially love it? People who need to smile more. Creative people. Dreamers.

Gifts for Intellectual Health

  • Unique Cribbage Board by Green Mountain Ski Furniture $59 (okay full disclosure, this is my brother’s small business…but seriously, I own one of these cribbage boards and my husband and I love playing…it’s a fun thing to do instead of zoning out to the t.v. and it makes a nice home decor accent piece!)

    • What is it? Obviously a cribbage board but it’s make out of a recycled ski!

    • Pros? One-of-a-kind unique gift. And supports a small business.

    • Who would especially love it? Well skiers for one.

  • Rituals for Living Dream Book by The Dragontree Company $30

    • What is it? A beautifully crafted journal.

    • Pros? Provides prompts for finding clarity on your life’s purpose, passions, goals, and dreams.

    • Who would especially love it? People who want to identify their purpose/don’t know what the want to do when they grow up/would like to do something else. Would be excellent for teenagers and college-aged kids (I would’ve loved this journal then!).

  • Museum Memberships. Perfect for families AND adults too. Visit your local science or art museum’s website for prices and packages. Here are a few links for MA peeps…

Gifts for Relational Health

  • Don’t forget your pupper friends! They provide so much love and companionship all year, they deserve gifts too. 💛 Here are a few of Oliver’s favorite health-related things:

    • LED Collar by Illumiseen $18.99 - Perfect for dark morning and evening walks during winter months.

    • Reflective Vest by SafetyPup $15.95 - Bright orange AND reflective. Oliver wears his when he’s tearing around the woods off-leash. It also provides a bit of wind-block/water-resistant protection.

    • Bear Bell $8.25 - Securely velcros around O’s collar. Great for puppers who enjoy hiking off-leash. Alerts bears and other woodland animals to his presence and helps me hear where he is…I often can’t see him but can hear his really loud bell.

  • Give an Experience Gift…something you can do together! Here are some fun ideas…

Bonus Gift Idea

Gift certificate to a GORUCK event ~$45 - I couldn’t decide which health category this last gift idea should go into. This gift promotes it all: community and social connection, physical health, and emotional and intellectual health.

  • What is it? Physical endurance event modeled after Special Forces training.

  • Pros? There are way too many to list. The experiences I’ve had with GORUCK have been so important and meaningful, there aren’t enough words!

  • Who would especially love it? Anyone who’s into fitness (i.e. people who run 5k’s+ or workout semi-regularly) and like to try new things.

Some more info: The events are led by a veteran of Special Forces. Participants meet-up in a city, work together as a team, carry heavy stuff, do bear-crawls on the sidewalk and flutter-kicks in the water, get lots of inspiration from their Cadre, and are challenged both physically and mentally all while having a really awesome time!

There are different challenge types and the Light is a great place to start for newbies. The gear side of the house is an excellent place to source gifts as well. Participants will need to bring a pack (with weight) to events. It can be any pack at all…but the GORUCK rucks are superior quality, stand up to rucking and other tough work, and will last a lifetime. For a really freaking awesome gift, you could give them the Rucker for $175 and a gift certificate to an event.

Okay so there were a lot of books on this list (and I held back….oooh blog idea, book list!) but books are something everyone can enjoy and everyone needs more of no matter how many they already have.

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you found this list to be helpful in selecting caring, health-promoting gifts for the people you love (and maybe even for yourself).

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