Do Summer Like A Boss: 20 Practically Free & Mostly Lazy Things To Do For All Ages


Summertime reminds us to slow down, savor, and enjoy each day because we all know how fast it will go by…before we know it it’ll be fall and back to the usual routine. So in honor of being a little bit lazy and soaking up the moment, here’s the ultimate summer to-do list with links to help you out. Do summer like a boss!

  1. Take a nap in a hammock on a breezy afternoon.

  2. Make a batch of fresh lemonade.

  3. Sip your homemade lemonade outside with a good book from the library.

  4. Watch the fireflies come out. And read some interesting facts about them.

  5. Lay in the grass and stargaze.

  6. Watch the sunset.

  7. Watch the sunrise!

  8. Find a pick-your-own farm and go berry picking.

  9. Collect wildflowers. Press them between heavy books and frame to enjoy all year.

  10. Fly a kite!

  11. Take a canoe out for a paddle.

  12. Eat watermelon slices in the backyard.

  13. Enjoy a long, lazy picnic in the park. Try these healthy picnic ideas!

  14. Dine outside often.

  15. Take your shoes off and feel the cool grass or warm sand on your toes.

  16. Find a watering hole to cool off in. Check out Boston Magazine’s article for a list of 15 spots around New England.

  17. Spend Sunday morning at a Farmer’s Market and buy fresh ingredients for supper.

  18. Collect sea glass or shells at the beach.

  19. Take a walk at a local wildlife sanctuary and see what you can find. The MA Audubon has lots of locations around the State.

  20. Play pitch or gin rummy and keep the score going all summer…how high can you get?

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