Celebrate More! 10 Reasons Why You Should And 20 Ideas How


When you hear the word “celebrate” what do you think of? Do you think of parties, cocktails, a fancy dinner, anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays? But did you know it’s important to celebrate the little wins along the way too?

My husband and I have been practicing this over the past few years and you know what? Acknowledging the smaller wins feels special, it’s like a little break in the long journey where we get to enjoy what’s going on in the here and now rather than waiting to be happy only once the goal is met. Celebrating along the way infuses more joy into life and keeps us motivated to push on!

Why it’s important to celebrate small successes…

  1. Proves that your efforts will, indeed, move you toward your goal…even if you’re not there yet, celebrating milestones along the way help to remind you you’re moving in the right direction.

  2. Keeps the momentum going toward the bigger goal.

  3. Reminds you of the bigger goal and why you want it.

  4. Reinforces the feel-good feelings of success.

  5. Builds confidence.

  6. Makes the journey just as sweet as the success of achieving a goal. And life just feels more fulfilling when you enjoy the journey and not just the destination.

  7. Strengthens motivation.

  8. Acknowledges your hard work and reminds you of how far you’ve actually come.

  9. Breaks the bigger goal up into smaller, more manageable pieces by setting milestones along the way.

  10. It’s just positive! Everyone around you benefits too…they get to feel proud of you, share the joy in celebrating, and they may even feel a little more motivated themselves.

Celebration ideas that don’t involve food or cocktails…

We all know that dinner out at a favorite place, clinking cocktail glasses, or treating ourselves to decadent dessert are ways to celebrate a success but these aren’t the healthiest options if we want to celebrate small wins more often! Here are some ideas on how to celebrate and reward yourself that don’t include food or cocktails…

  1. Start a celebration journal and record each win and what it felt like! This will not only turn into a nice journal to go back to when you need some motivation, but it reinforces the feeling of success by reliving it when you write, and again when you read it later. In the long-term, this will help build a positive mindset.

  2. Take an afternoon off work and do…whatever you want!

  3. Enjoy a bubble bath.

  4. Take a nap.

  5. Spread the joy…tell your friends and family. (This will also help keep you accountable for further progress.)

  6. Get a massage or go to a spa and choose a special treatment.

  7. Go to the movies.

  8. Do something goofy and playful like ride a rollercoaster, go to a trampoline park, play laser tag, or go disco bowling.

  9. Just chill out…relax in a hammock, lay in the grass and read a book, watch fireflies, hang out around a bonfire with friends, what your favorite Netflix show.

  10. Enjoy some peaceful time in nature. Find a new nature trail with a pretty view or waterfall to enjoy.

  11. Treat yourself to a new haircut.

  12. Go for a bike ride.

  13. Get your family together for a movie night or game night at home.

  14. Learn a new skill you’ve always be interested in….take an art class, photography class, horseback riding lesson, or private yoga class.

  15. Do something adventurous…go zip-lining, learn to rock climb, take an outdoor class with REI.

  16. Treat yourself to a new outfit or piece of athletic gear you’ve wanted.

  17. Take a day-trip to the ocean, mountains, or desert and enjoy some new scenery.

  18. Buy yourself fresh flowers….or pick a bouquet in a meadow.

  19. Spend time at a museum, historical site, botanical garden, or other sight-seeing attraction.

  20. Enjoy some nightlife in the city…go to a comedy club, enjoy some live music, or go dancing.

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