Happiness Is, July...


Happiness is all around, if you look close enough you can always find something cheerful! Noticing the little things in life makes the ordinary extraordinary. Here are 10 things to be happy about in July…

  1. Sparklers and fireworks and 4th of July festivities!

  2. Having a whole entire summer stretched out in front of you and wanting to savor each day.

  3. Arriving to the shore and rolling down the windows to inhale the fresh ocean breeze.

  4. Getting lost in a book and forgetting the time.

  5. Sunshine sheets. A bed freshly made with cool, clean sheets that were hung out to dry in the fresh air.

  6. Watching Dirty Dancing for the millionth time…it never gets old and the music is the best!

  7. Working in the garden and watching the vegetable plants transform with each day.

  8. The nostalgia of summer…so easy to remember being a kid riding bikes, playing outside until dark, band-aids on knees, double-stick popsicles, catching fireflies, riding in the way-back of the station wagon on family trips, being sent outside to eat juicy watermelon slices, and camping out in the backyard.

  9. The earthy smell of an afternoon rainstorm.

  10. Listening to someone sing the Star Spangled Banner…gets me every time!

Sarah Walker1 Comment