Happiness Is, June...


Happiness is all around, if you look close enough you can always find something cheerful! It’s a nice way to feel more gratitude during the day which eases anxiety and tension and make life just feel more wonderful! Here are 10 things to feel good about in June…

  1. Cheerful strawberry patches and picking berries in the warm sun.

  2. Everything is finally lush and green.

  3. Reading in the shade of a tree.

  4. The last day of school!

  5. Planning trips or get-away weekends (almost as fun as actually going on them!)

  6. Hiking in the woods in early morning and hearing the birds singing their song from the treetops.

  7. Cool nights that still require a hoodie sweatshirt…just warm enough with shorts.

  8. Riding bikes.

  9. The smell and feel of the Sunday paper and taking all morning to read it.

  10. Sleeping with the windows open and feeling cool, fresh air in the room.

Sarah WalkerComment