Happiness Is, May...


Happiness is all around, if you look close enough you can always find something cheerful! I especially like doing this whenever I feel anxious or stressed…it helps me experience more gratitude which, in turn, calms me down and I feel more peaceful. Here are 10 things to feel good about in May…

  1. Getting to eat lunch outside because it’s finally warm.

  2. How crazy excited the dog gets every time you come home.

  3. The sweet, delicate smell of lilacs.

  4. The awesome feeling of accomplishment when you finish a workout you had to force yourself to go do.

  5. Butterflies!

  6. Fresh clean sheets on the bed.

  7. Driving with the windows down and sunroof open.

  8. When you’re thinking about a friend and at that same moment they text/call/email.

  9. Looking through old photographs.

  10. Listening to the peepers in the evening air.