9 Reasons To Love Winter!

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As soon as the maple trees start to turn in September the summer-loving people are all “here we go!”, “I hate winter!” and “we should move to Florida already!” Yeah I get it, you love the hot sand at the beach and the heat and the sun. Winter has none of those things. It’s cold and dark and you have to shovel. But…it’s high-time you trade in your old excuses for hating winter and love it just a little! Seriously, there are lots of awesome things about the winter months….don’t hate on winter!

  1. Snow Days. The only time of year you get a surprise day off work or school that you can do anything with! Okay so maybe you have to log in and check email and stuff but you get to do it from your kitchen, in your jammies!

  2. All the hot beverages. Hot cocoa is pretty unappealing in the summer. But cocoa is so delicious (and so it chai tea, hazelnut coffee, and peppermint lattes) and only tastes perfect on a cold winter day.

  3. Get your hygge on! Winter is a natural time for hibernating, being still, and snuggling in at home…go with the flow. Do peaceful, restorative activities when it’s cold and dark outside like reading, coloring, crafts, puzzles, writing, journaling, dreaming, napping, yoga, and baking warm treats.

  4. Why wait for spring to spring clean? Clean out the closets, rearrange the furniture, reorganize the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, organize all the papers on the desk, deep clean the house. Get ready for spring! When spring finally arrives you’ll already have a clean and organized home and you can throw open the windows and spend time outside in the warm air.

  5. All the soup! Like hot beverages, soups and stews are also unappetizing in warmer months. Winter is the perfect time for pots of stew and baking bread…experiment and enjoy the delicious flavors…it’ll warm up the house, make it smell divine, and warms your belly!

  6. Take advantage of inside-time to plan out the year ahead. What goals do you want to achieve? Think: physical activity, work-related, financial, or personal/professional development…maybe you want to run a race, buy a house, work towards a professional license, or learn a new skill. Map out a step-by-step plan to hit your goal! Or…plan a vaca trip and do all the research. Or make a list of day-trips you’d like to take…look up places to visit, things to do, and events to attend throughout the year and get it on the calendar.

  7. Finish a project. Finally paint the dining room, convert the spare room into a yoga studio, build a set of shelves, knit a baby blanket, start a blog, finish writing a book. You’ll feel so good once you check that long overdue project off your list!

  8. Hats with pom-poms! It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re wearing a hat with a happy pom-pom.

  9. You guys, winter is just fun! Remember being a kid and playing in the snow?! Yeah, do more of that. Seriously. And it’s crazy beautiful if you go OUT in it….it’s ugly as hell when all you see is the dirty snow on the side of the road as you drive back and forth to work. Get out into the woods…the woods are always serene and beautiful no matter the weather. Put on a HAT and GLOVES, layer up (it IS possible to be warm outside in winter!) and go explore and PLAY! Build a snowfort or a snowman, make snowangels, go sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, walk in the woods…it’s a winter wonderland!

***** What are some ways that YOU enjoy winter? Share in the comments! *****

My husband and I built an awesome snowfort in the backyard!!

My husband and I built an awesome snowfort in the backyard!!

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