Happiness Is, December...

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Growing up my mom would often point out little things and say “happiness is!”. We’d make a game of it sometimes while out on a walk or to pass the time while waiting in line.

This activity taught me to always be on the lookout for the good stuff that’s all around….you can always find something. It helps when things are crappy, stressful, or when I’m feeling anxious as it gives my mind something constructive (and positive) to do.

So, each month I’ll be offering up a list of 10 “Happiness Is” things for you. And tell me if that doesn’t put a smile on your face and melt the tension just a little!

  1. Coming in from the cold and the wet and putting on dry socks.

  2. The pastel-colored morning sky in winter.

  3. Finding the perfect gift for someone, then waiting with pure glee until you get to give it to them.

  4. Getting the Christmas lights strung up and switching them on for the first time.

  5. Snow diamonds. You know, the brilliant sparkles when the sunshine hits fresh snow? Stunning!

  6. Blasting holiday music.

  7. Carefully unwrapping each beloved ornament (even the ugly ones….especially the ugly ones!) and the warm feeling of familiarity.

  8. Pulling up to the house after a long day at work and seeing the twinkle lights on and the warm glow from inside.

  9. The sweet little faces on gingerbread men (and ladies!).

  10. Laughing so hard your cheeks hurt.

What are your “Happiness Is” things? Share in the comments!

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