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Making healthy choices can feel complicated and time-consuming…but it doesn’t have to! Get guidance, tools, and support to create your own healthy lifestyle. Feel amazing, find your joy, and thrive in work and life!


Being healthy is more than eating right and working out. Being healthy involves finding a balance in all areas of life….physical, emotional, relational, intellectual, and occupational…your Whole Health.

By balancing (or optimizing) each of these areas you’ll naturally build resilience to stress, improve overall health and wellbeing, and enjoy better quality of life.

I believe in a holistic approach to wellness so that’s why the Whole Health Model is the foundation of my services. Did you notice the circles are overlapping? That’s because each dimension isn’t independent but rather sharing qualities and working together….when one is out of balance, the rest are affected.

Many people think that health and wellness habits (eating right, exercising, challenging ourselves, being mindful, etc.) are innate or even intuitive…but wellness habits are actually skills. Which means they can be learned, created, and developed no matter what talents you possess. With a little help and guidance you can actually practice and improve skills in any area of wellness!

Check out the link below to explore the qualities of each dimension. What areas are you strong in and what areas need a little love and attention? The idea is to keep all dimensions in check for a healthy, whole, life!

Wellness solutions to help you thrive…

Group Workshop Facilitation

Would you like to provide wellness-related workshops for your clients or employees? I’m available to facilitate educational, interactive workshops throughout New England on a variety of wellness topics.

Signature workshops include:

Whole Pantry and Whole Kitchen: Level 1 & 2 healthy eating and shifting to whole foods

Thrive: stress reduction and resilience building

Prime: Healthy Aging: all about the aging process and strategies to keep body, mind, and heart healthy long into adult life.

Workshops are scaleable to suit the needs of your audience….from a lunch ‘n learn for a high-level overview to a multi-part workshop series that takes a deeper dive into the wellness topic. Click below for details!

Private Workshops

Enroll in a workshop for one! The signature group workshops are also available as a one-on-one coaching program.

We’ll follow the workshop format, complete with education and activities, across a number of coaching sessions. And you’ll also get customized materials, unique to your needs, to support your progress.

A private workshop is a great way to learn about a wellness topic of interest, build skills, acquire supportive tools, and get one-on-one guidance and motivation while following a set outline.

For full program outlines, prices, and details click below…

Private Health and Wellness Coaching

Are you ready to create new health habits but don’t know where to start? Have you tried creating a health habit but it just didn’t stick? Are you confused by all the information out there? I can help!

What is a health coaching?

As a health coach I provide education, evidence-based behavior modification, inspiration, motivation, and guidance tailored to each individual client in order to reduce health risks and create a thriving lifestyle.

You’ll determine your goal choose the steps. I’ll provide the guidance and support to get you there. My primary goal as a health coach is to see you succeed!

As a client of Sarah’s I can honestly tell you her enthusiasm and energy are truly magnetic! She has inspired me to start achieving goals in health and wellness I never thought possible. I also subscribe to “Thrive” and enjoy what she shares, her positive personality absolutely shines through this publication!
— Karen

Thrive! Newsletter

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I just love Sarah’s newsletter — mostly because it feels like it was written just for me. It’s upbeat and positive with so many constructive suggestions that I can apply directly to my life. It might be the only newsletter that I take the time to read slowly and carefully, not wanting to miss a word!
— Risa

Recent Blog Articles


Hi, I’m Sarah!

2015-07-04 18.24.01.jpg

In New England we have a saying: “little snow big snow, big snow little snow.” When you see tiny snowflakes falling (rather than the big fluffy ones) you’re guaranteed to get significant accumulations…those little flakes really pile up! I love this saying as a metaphor for achieving life-goals....small, steady progress (although it might not feel like it) will lead to big results. I know this is true because I’ve lived it myself....

Over the past decade I have been on a continuous path of transformation as I learn more about health and wellness. Through little steps and small changes I gradually created healthier habits which, in turn, positively impacted nearly all aspects of my life in a big way…from couch potato to running ultra-marathons! Positive change is 100% possible!

As a health coach I aim to meet you where you are and provide the support, encouragement, accountability, and resources you need to achieve your goals…however big or small they are.

When I’m not working I enjoy trail running, trying new creations in the kitchen, reading, daydreaming, and exploring the woods and mountains of New England with my husband Sean and our scruffy dog Oliver.

I believe…

  1. Self-care is essential, it is not a luxury. Taking time in your busy day to care for your health and wellness allows you to be even more productive so you can accomplish all you want and more…and so you can give the best of yourself to those around you.

  2. Health is more than what you eat and how you move. Optimum health includes emotional, intellectual, relational, occupational, and physical health. You will thrive when you nurture each dimension…just wait and see!

  3. Your body was designed to thrive. It is astounding what the body does in response to all the changing demands it experiences every second of the day. The body responds enthusiastically when given all the healthy things it needs to thrive.

  4. Small steps forward will lead to big results…that last. Progress of any amount adds up if you just keep going. Do the work and before you know it you’ll achieve your wellness goal! I’m living proof.

  5. Wellness habits are learnable skills. They’re not talents you’re born with….it is not easy to intuitively know what foods are healthy, how to manage stress, or how to create balance…not in our fast-paced, on-demand, info-overload modern society. But if you grab some help from an expert (i.e. health coach!) you can get the info and skills that you need…customized strategies that fit the context of your life, based on what suits you so you can get on with enjoying your amazing life!